Thursday, March 19, 2009

Good God Girty what a Gash!!

I reckon GuyK perty well hit the nail on the head with his rant clicky on over there and get his take on things.

Today was one of those know.....the ones that start on Sunday and end about Saturday midnight.

I almost got up a little early this morning...well, I reckon it was a little early. Somewhere between 6:30 and 7:00. Wifey hadn't even finished heating the hen apple to the temp I like it. I ate that an a couple strips of bacon and then took a nap to let it all digest until almost time to take me and the Ol' Grump up to Jane's Walk in Tax Emporium and Travel Agency.

It's that time of year, when all us law-abiding folk get our taxes figured and see whether we have to send in any, or if the all-provident folks in washington will send us some of that free stimulus money. The Ol' Grump had to send some in and I'll be getting some of your tax money. I can't figure out why, but Jane allowed as how I was pore and all. Thanx

We got back about noon, and instead of taking a nap after eating the left hind leg of that chicken Wifey bought at Wally World yesterday, we saddled up Big Red and rode up to Talmo looking for treasure, and sure 'nuff we found some. I got me a worn out 1881 Ten $ Eagle. Damn thing is near too slick to hold onto and I've gotta decide whether to render it out or put it up.

We then headed back to Commerce City where I found more treasure including a 7 and 1/4 inch long wrist ornament required when wimmen play tennis. It's something about 5 1/2 carrots or something. I think the shiny rocks are for flashing at your opponents eyes so they can't see that yeller ball is coming at they head. Seems like kinda a sneaky way to play to me, but then, those critters in DC don't have no sense of fair play about them neither and everybody thinks that's alright. We're kinda a "monkey see, monkey do" society, and we haf to learn from our betters what we choose to lead us in these perilous times.

I just wondering when they gonna take away the massa's land and give us all a mule and forty acres.......or is that a Cadillac and a chicken in every pot. It's workin' real well in Zimbabwe I hear.

I'll be busy tomorrow separating the yeller from the blue and green.
Saturday I'll get up 'fore the chickens and go to the Indian Artifacts Show in Swainsboro.

Ya'll drop by and see me if'n yore in the area.

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GUYK said...

Yeah, time to feed the savages in congress is just around the corner. I do hate to write that check on 4/15 knowing that it is going to some bum who has never contributed a damn thing to society except kids