Monday, March 30, 2009


After about a week of rain (which we needed) the sun has risen above the piney trees to the east and it looks like a beautiful day ahead. Maybe I'll see if the lawn mower will crank and attempt to whack down some of the fescue which is a foot high in the back yard. May need to call in the seebees with a rome plow. If ya'll don't hear from me for a day or three....send in a search and rescue team.

In another bit of good news......the youngest grand daughter stayed the night. Kept me up till 11:30 dancing to old Dean Martin tunes on YouTube. Finally when she was too cranky to stay up any longer I put her down with her grand mother with the warning to not wake nannie and the pooch up.

She woke this morning with a smile and slide off the bed to go watch cartoons and play with the play doh.

Another good thing to come of her being here was the baking of a pound cake. Little twerp wouldn't share the mixing bowl with me, preferring to lick it all out herself.

Seems that she enjoyed herself.


Jean said...

Sorry, Grandpa, I'm not sure I'd share the mixing bowl, either ;-)
But, you coulda had the beaters!

Anonymous said...

.... now, this post?..... this is the type of thing that is a pleasure to read......


Northwoods Woman said...

Awww how precious!

Anonymous said...

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