Sunday, March 01, 2009

Whatta Change

A few minutes make.

One minute I'm outside trying to get the blue out of the yellow, and 10 minutes later I decide that I'm not going back out for a while.

We've not had this much white precipitation in several years. In fact I don't think we even had an accumulation for the last 2 years at all.

But the squirrels are loving it.


Jean said...

oh my! Snowing in the south!

Dropped to the low 40s here last night. That's plenty cold enough for me. I really, really don't wanna have to buy socks :-)

GUYK said...

I have not seen snow since 1987 and if I never see it again it will be too soon. Makes my joints hurt

Anonymous said...

... why didn't you SHOOT that bastard?!?....


kdzu said...

Eric, it's all part of my dastardly fiendish plan, to let them get fat and multiply....thereby providing plenty of stock for squirrel dumpling when the current recession gets to it's lowest point sometime next winter.
You might even call it treerat farming.

Kat said...

Murphy's Law dictated I was 50 miles away, in Commerce, at a soldier's funeral when the snow hit. Drove right thru athens on the way home...woulda waved at ya (figuratively speaking), but kinda needed both hands on the wheel to avoid sliding into a ditch or another car.

This is the one time I'm glad i lived in NJ and learned how to drive in serious snow. :)

BTW - email me and remind me to tell you the story of my civil war ancestor I discovered and my adventure on Moreland Ave (!!!) visiting his gravesite. :)