Friday, April 02, 2010

And Now for the rest of the Story

The real reason the FBI broke down and arrested the so called Hutaree's (supposedly Christian Militia) can be found (if you have any interest and a strong stomach) at


A word of caution, if you do watch the video, first place your keyboard where you won't get a little upchuck on it and have a soft damp cotton cloth handy for wiping off your monitor.

NSFW because of profanity and some nutty nudity.

Personally I think the FBI informant placed within the Hutaree group may have had a starring role in the Video and it was to prevent embarrassment to the Feds that they tried to hide the tape.

After all we wouldn't want anyone to get a negative opinion about anybody associated with the Chinese Fire Drill on the Potomac (CFDP).

I can't confirm, but sources close to the group suggest a strong contender for an Academy Award for best short film by an independent director category next year.

I give it one and a half stars.

Gooooood Day.

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