Sunday, April 04, 2010

Forty years

"Been a long time pilgrim" .

"Seems long".

In a place that doesn't exist anymore because it was bombed into rubble, but at the time I was there was a small village with beautiful blue murals painted on many of the buildings, just outside the gates of an army and air force base that was the closest airfield to what was at that time known as North Vietnam, home to parts of the 9th Infantry Division, the 11th Surgical Hospital, some Air Force wienies, a 101st Airborne Air Artillery unit and...... Charlie Horse 3rd of the 17th Air Calvary... where a 21 year old, skinny Warrant Officer Cobra helicopter pilot one night heard on the Armed Forces Radio Station a sweet voice singing the most amazing song, without distraction of musical instruments, accompanied by the voices of two military choirs, that I had ever heard.

Many others have since tried to equal it, but this is the version I love the best....


Nancy said...

I loved the post. The video is worth a view. Keep sharing!!

This is Nancy from Israeli Uncensored News

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She did it right.

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there is a blog award for you at my place.