Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Pork Chops.....

Corn on the cob, garlic green beans and wild rice. That's what's for supper.

Sounds to me like we're eating pretty high on the hog.

According to the White House spin masters and their captive economists we're all gonna be doing that any day now. I can hardly wait.

Of course they point to the recent increase in new home sales and the rise in the stock market as their prime indicators. Never mind that 3 years ago the number of new homes built was on the order of 2 million and today it is around 500 thousand; per capita the lowest level since numbers of starts were tracked and that the rise in the stock market is caused by people with money looking desperately to find some place to put it where they can maybe break even......
you sure can't park it in a saving account or CD's....where you are lucky to earn 2 to 3 %.

Some pundits are calling this the dead cat bounce.

“The U.S. economy remains in an economic depression, which is about to intensify anew. . .”

Damn if I know.....I just watch with a little bit of apprehension. Will the gov't deposit more electronic digits into my checking account on the first.......will they buy as much as they did last month? Not if you use the price of gasoline as an indicator. Or the price of precious metals.....both of the shiny kind and brass and lead.

Almost time to make the monthly raid on Wally World where if you can't find what you want or need you can amuse yourself by watching the people who go in and out.

Update 9pm; Home made Banana Nut Bread for a mid-evening snack. Yeah, sux to be me.

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Jean said...

The savings account I just closed was paying .2%...yep, less than one quarter of one per cent. They started charging fees and then gave me 11 cents in interest. damn.

Try telling all the people still trying to find jobs that the economy is getting better.