Sunday, August 15, 2010


Early October, 1970.

On the way to the mess hall of the new in-country orientation center.

"Hey, GI. You take my MPC (Military Payment Chits). Trade them in, bring back, you keep half", said the Vietnamese male waving a huge wad of MPC at me from the other side of the 10 foot high, razor wire topped chain link fence between he and dozens of young Americans.

"What th' hell", I asked the guy next to me.

"Aw, they're changing the Military Money today, so all those Vietnamese who have been paid in old MPC are just fucked unless they can get someone to change whatever they have over a certain small amount to the new stuff".

"How do they know someone will bring it back, not keep it", I asked.

"He don't, but he's gotta take a chance, else he's gonna lose out"

Forty years have gone by and we're having our own sort of an economic crisis here in the 'Good ol' Red white and Blue.

Oh, the money is still there, but no one wants to part with what they have on anything other than the necessities any more, and that assumes that they still have their job and aren't losing their house.

Where the hell did all the money from the stimulus go? Politically correct pet projects and some road paving on a local level.....the rest went to the big money people in banks and insurance companies and Wall St. big shots who were deemed too important to fail.

Let me ask you.....Do you feel better off now than you did 3 years ago? Rhetorical question of course. I know the answer.

What ya gonna do about it.

Vote, you say?

For who........the guys in elected office are not in charge of the show. Their Masters are generally never seen on TV or mentioned in the MSM. They're the one's that keep receiving their checks or payout regardless of who is in so called "Political Power".

Barry Obama doesn't have a fucking clue. Somebody told him he could change the world to suit his and his socialist buddies view of how thing ought to be, but neglected to mention that whatever was suggested that he do, would have to get their approval, and he'd never even feel the shaft as it was gently and lubriciously slid past his sphincter. One day down the road he'll notice the lube sliding slowly down the back of his thigh and wonder, "Where the hell did that come from".

The future is here friends, and no matter who we vote into office this year and two years from now, the same system will still be in place, and if you haven't identified the problem and the particular actions on your part that will place you just a couple steps above the chattering hoards.......why, you'll likely be feeling that same damp sticky spot on the back of your knee.

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