Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Knife Sharpening

Or in this case trying to hone my mind a little bit.

I did sharpen a pocket knife today, which, while not unheard of around here at the Kudzu Grotto, has become something of an oddity as most of the blades, other than the occasional bayonet designed more for poking and punching, have been worked to a razors fineness and used only rarely.

But a friend sold me this big bladed folding knife, ( for 50 cents, so as to avoid the superstition of never giving a knife away lest it hurt someone) and it needed a little touch up with the crock sticks. I'd mostly gotten away from carrying a pocket knife in favor of a pocket gun, which makes more sense as I'd just as soon never be caught bringing a knife to a gun fight anyway.

Never-the-less I sorta like the feel of this big flat sucker and will have to see if I can't make accommodations since it just makes a mess when you try to carve a stick with a gun.

But, to get back to sharpening the mind bit.....

I have a friend who has been given several mobile homes and a couple houses by his father in order to get them out of his possession since he's in the middle of a messy bankruptcy.

Long story and short attention span. I know.

The upshot of the story is that all the units have tenants in them which haven't been paying rent to the father, some of them for several years.

Mind you these tenants are not family moochers,, just moochers in general.

Question is, aside from the fact that property taxes have to be paid every year (the units are debt free) who is being hurt the most?

The owner who's property is being occupied without compensation, or......

....the tenants, who are being enabled in their slothfulness?


Jean said...

If the tenants are maintaining the property themselves, I'd say that's worth something. BUT...no rent paid for years?? HellNo. There would be an eviction notice in process ASAP.

kdzu said...

Yeah, I told him that I'd be glad to deliver the notices in person and make sure everything was paid on time 1st of the month in exchange for the rent on half of them. He didn't give me a yes or no. My guess is that nothing will change soon, but a reckoning is coming one of these days. It'll look something like the reckoning this country is going through......maggots eating away the dead and dying flesh. Just hope it's not advanced into gangrene and beyond hope.