Thursday, August 05, 2010

Wish List

I commented over at Yabu’s about the need for some serious actions that need to be taken.

Since it does little good to complain about the state of things without putting forth a few ideas on what course to take to get back on track, I will throw out a couple ideas that I personally would like to see be done.

We were awakened to the problem by two things, (1) the crash of 2008 and the (2) election of socialist idiots to the higher office's in the land.

1. For starters (and this does not involve the longer term problem of having Central Banks ie, Federal Reserve in charge of the nations money) we need to stop shooting holes in the bottom of the boat. Declare a moratorium on the payments of interest on any national debt, whether to the Federal Reserve or China or investors in Treasury Notes of any kind. This is not to say a Chapter 7 bankruptcy scenario, rather a time to reorganize ala chapter 13. Stop spending more money that is taken in by the treasury. Fuck a budget that depends on borrowing. Live within our means. This will mean that for starters we don't give money to any terrorist organizations such as Hamas. If they can't fight a war against us without our funding, let them starve and their little suicide bombers in kindergarten too. Tough luck, they should have thought of the consequences.
If you are receiving welfare of whatever kind you should have to work for the money. If this means sweeping the streets with a hand broom so be it. A better alternative might be that they are put to work demolishing the gettos and plowing the ground and planting food gardens to feed themselves and those who are physically unable. Give people a purpose and an opportunity to help others and they'll not have time to whine about being dis-advantaged. There is plenty of state and federal land on which to grow these gardens.

2. Quit encouraging business and jobs to relocate to other countries. Pass the Fair Tax. If you are not familiar with it, become so. Get out of your comfort zone and read the two books to gain an understanding. A sales tax to replace the income tax makes great sense and will not impose a greater tax burden, but will spread it out so every one who purchases new products will pay their share. This includes those who currently don't pay taxes because they are teat suckers or might be here illegally. A Fair Tax will bring back old industries and NEW ones as the come to where their efforts will be rewarded and they actually get to keep that reward.

3. Cut the size and scope of the government. We are overloaded with people who's only job is to enlarge and keep their job. This will have to be done in a planned way taking advantage of the new jobs being created as a result of the Fair Tax. Perhaps a goal of 10% a year for 10 years, paying them their same salary for a period of time if they volunteer for the cuts. Come on, you can think of lots of useless governmental agencies that need to be reined in.

4. Congress shall fill their responsibility of denying or authorising military actions on foreign soils. We may be our brother's keepers but if they refuse to play nice we need to shun them and have nothing to do with them or their enablers. The Constitution plainly states that it is the Congress responsibility to wage war, not to delegate it to the President. Our elected officials need to grow some cojones along with a brain. It is OUR responsibility to put in office people with honor, courage, commitment to the concept of the Constitution rather than enrich themselves at the expense of the governed. We better do this before we have to start shooting them to rid ourselves of the parisites. Term limits may be the answer. Accountability to the citizenry, real accountability, not the arrogance we've seen in the past, will have to be enforced by an informed electorate. Total transparency is a must.

5. A willingness to smack down with extreme prejudice those who would harm our nation or our interest. You want to play with the big boys, either play nice and fair or risk having your ball taken away and you crippled past the point of ever trying to get back into the game. Make a list of principals that we will live by and expect other to live by. If they refuse, shun them, totally and completely. If they don't need us, we certainly don't need them.

I could go on, but the grass needs cutting and I'll need to go do some work later today for a couple of hours at least.

I would be glad to hear and discuss your ideas.

Stay cool, it's going to be another hot one.

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Yabu (EOTIS) said...

Well said...well said.