Sunday, August 01, 2010

Sunday Road Trip

Spent the day driving around and looking at some of God's finest creation.

Up through Dahalonega GA thence to Ellijay. (Boy howdy the apple trees are loaded this year. In a month or so you'll be able to buy every type of apple that can be imagined up there. But don't go looking for land to buy unless you want to pay an arm and a leg. The roads are too good coming out of hotlanta and the people with disposable income have bid the prices to ridiculous amounts. Thirty years ago was the time to buy up there. Now it's too late. Nobody believes that real estate would ever come down. And the agents there are not about to admit it either.
We traveled further...thru Blue Ridge, up to Mineral Bluff then over to Murphy NC. Same story. Roads out of GA just too good. Beautiful area though. We picked up real estate catalogs in Murphy, Andrews, Brison City, Franklin......then headed back home. Seven or eight hours of driving and may ass is tired.
We did find some reasonable priced land but it's in the hinterland of Kentucky. Beautiful area with big rivers and streams where farmland still goes for 2K or so in 25 to 75 acre tracks. That might just be a bargain if you're looking for someplace away from the zombie hoards acoming. Better get it now.

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