Saturday, February 12, 2011

In The Garden

We got the ol' Grump planted today.

After several emotional days with lots of people to call......lots of people calling with condolences, questions about arrangements, visits to the funeral home, the viewing, the renewing of auld acquaintances, the sharing of memories, looking thru his picture boxes, (remind me to post the picture of Miss Panama City Beach 1971, my better half in her pink Bikini) (I'm thinking of making it my screen saver)), the murmurs of, "Oh, don't he look natural, just like he's sleeping", (and the Funeral home did do a good job ), the Au Capella singing by the members of the Shoals Creek Primitive Baptist Church of the always favorite In The Garden and Amazing Grace, 4 of the Fulmer Sisters blending their sweet voices in harmony, and a comforting message by the Preacher and his son Chris, who have for the last 5 years had made it a point to drive 40 to 50 miles each month to bring the love of Carl's brothers and sisters in Christ to him, we got the Grump laid in a clear area of the cemetary surrounded by oak and poplar trees, then partook of a delicious meal prepared by the ladies of the Church.

If that is a long, run-on, blurry sentence, it is exactly how it seemed. Time rushing past with much to do, much done, and finally we can look forward to taking a deep breath, a little bit slower pace, a time to adjust to having only two people and a neurotic pooch in the house. (It just may have been more stressful on the pooch than on the wife and I).

Several people expressed their condolences and sympathy here and I very much appreciate it. Very kind of you. While I've only met and known you through your blogs and your occasional visits to mine, you feel like family and I appreciate you much more than words on a screen can express. Thank you.

Tomorrow is another day. We plan to sleep late and take the pooch for a little ride which he loves to take.....if only for the opportunity to stick his fuzzy head out the passenger side window and get brain freeze as his ears and hair are pushed back by the wind.

After all is said and we remain. Projects waiting to be undertaken and accomplished. Leaning on one another for support. Looking forward to another 43 years of marriage...(well, at least I am. The wife is not so sure she'll make it that far).

And so it goes.......Another Saturday Night at the Kudzu Grotto.

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Joyce said...

hi guys, hope the two of you enjoyed your valentines day together. love you