Tuesday, February 08, 2011

A world gone mad

Who in their right mind 60 years or so ago would have predicted the messes we would find ourselves in today.

I expected anti-gravity levitation belts that would whisk me effortlessly anywhere I wanted by now. Not that I'm complaining about the ride in the Big Horn Hemi-powered Dodge in the yard.

We've been paying bribes to Egypt for the past 30 years to prop up the government there and what has it gotten us? A government that spent the money on keeping themselves and their enforcers in power and trickled little to none down to the population at large. Hit them with an increase in food costs past what they can afford and I'm surprised the resulting riots have been as small as they have.

What would we do here? With millions of privately owned weapons and vehicles to get places can you imagine the carnage that would have taken place?

On the other hand the fast food diet we subject ourselves to is now claimed to Lower Our IQ's

DUH. Huh.

Keith Olbermann is now going to send tingles up Pope Al Gore's legs.

Obama's people have no concept of the "open to the Public" idea.

Must be all those Big Mac's with super-sized fries.

Not only is Joan Rivers still alive , they feature her in a Superbowl ad that doubtless has teenage boys all over the country jerking off in the closet.

Oh sure we believe that's really her. She's had more nips and tucks than an Amish Quilt. Doubtless she has to shave her throat already, you can only imagine whats hanging between her shriveled dugs. Probably looks like the backside of an ol' Jersey cow. (shiver)

Ya'll come back when you recover from that image.

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Anonymous said...

The most hysterical thing I have read in a long time.