Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Early (for me) on a Wednesday morning.

I was awakened by the wife in response to a note left on the coffee maker. I've become much too used to awakening when the urge strikes me and have determined to get up at an earlier set time. We'll see how it goes.

One thing about my avocation.........not a job, as it's self imposed, is that I get to do a little traveling around North Georgia and see some of my friends made over the last 16 years. Yeah, we do a little business........but, I'd be just as glad to see them over a coke at the local convenience store. Most people are pretty nice one on one and it seems to me that if we could get more of that type communication going between peoples of the world that international relations might go along a bit better.

Of course for that to work we would have to keep the politicians and bankers completely out of the picture.

I know........ a dreamer I remain.

On the other hand, for some of the asshats in the world we just need to use a neutron bomb on them and take all their usable land and stuff.

This has the advantage of directness and efficiency and would soon eliminate either all the asshats or us........whichever came first.

Of course, I, as ruler of the world and Regent Potential of the Universe, would be in charge of deciding which ass hats would hear the gong.

We've had a couple of very nice days here in NE GA. Bright sun and warmish temps...
.. just a long sleeved shirt and it's pretty nice by mid day. A little cool in the mornings......I always check before starting down the ramp off the back deck, to see if there is any frost that might cause my feet to slip. A few more sudden smack downs of that nature and any brains in by buttocks will start slipping out the cracks.

Ya'll have a good day.........go out and make some money.....then convert it to gold or silver so as to actually have something of value.

It still surprises me that people will actually trade those items for pieces of paper with green ink on them.

The handwriting is on the wall and I have little faith the people in Washington are smart enough to keep us from going into default.

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