Thursday, February 24, 2011


......the situation in Wisconsin for a moment.

With all the lay offs all over the country, what do you want to bet that double the number of teachers who are shutting down the schools there could be found among the unemployed and might me more than happy to fill those positions for 3/4th the salaries the protesters were making.
Fire 'em all and hire non-union workers immediately.

Could it be done?


Paladin said...

Part of me hopes the cowardly Democrats in Wisconsin don't come back to face a vote - and layoffs have to happen instead of the changes to benefit contribution that's currently proposed. They'd have no one to blame but themselves.

I just hope if it comes to that, there's some way to ensure that the ones that get the axe are the ones who abandoned the classroom to protest.

kdzu said...

Amen, I just betcha someone is taking notes on who's there and who's not.

Anonymous said...

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kdzu said...

Still collecting, but is mostly bullion or sterling scrap jewelery which I turn for small profit when I get over 150 oz's. Only graded stuff is some Morgans MS63 or 64. Only common dates unfortunately. I'll keep my eyes open, I've got a line or 4500 silver $'s at good price, but that's a lot of money anyway you count it.