Monday, January 01, 2007

The required amount......

.......of collard greens, black eyed peas, and hog meat were consumed down at Eldest daughters today. This to ensure that the New Year will see me with plenty of coin, and green in my pockets this year. Up to me I suppose to try to hang on to a little of it.

All this washed down by diet Mtn. Dew, and topped off with a wedge of Waffle House Pecan (pronounced pee cawn) pie. Ohhhh the sugary goodness of that traditional artery buster is hard to beat.

Eldest daughters only Son, the mighty deerslayer himself, added to his already large count of carcasses with two more this morning early. Eldest daughter is happy because the freezers are filled to overflowing and they may have to give some of this latest venison away.
Remember Guys, If mama ain't happy, AIN'T NOBODY HAPPY.

I'm happy I didn't have to do dishes.

After a very necessary nap after this faboulous repast, The main spousal unit and I returned to The Classic City, and old Ebernezer Scrooge himself. He had to eat turnip greens which he hates. Oh well, we tried to get him to come with us.

Well, back to the salt mines tomorrow for a lot of you people. Me? I'll probably try to come up with some scheme to obtain enough money to pay a few of the bills. Without seeming to work at much of anything..

Anyway, off to a good start I hope. LOL to all of you out there who wander by here from time to time. Thanks.


Jean said...

Sounds like a wonderful New Year's day!

Wishing you all the happiness that can be had in 2007, Larry!

kdzu said...

And to you, Kind Lady.

MamaSMorgan said...

Hey, Uncle Kudzu! Happy New Year! My dh said for y'all to send some of that deer meat this way.