Thursday, April 02, 2009

Afternoon thoughts

It's been another rainy day in the 'hood. I'm sure the lakes and streams still need the water....but the contractor who built this house didn't make allowances for the water that runs downhill from the neighbors gutters and right down against the foundation blocks at the end of our house. No sloping of the dirt to keep the water away and running around.......just right up against the house where it pools and seeps underneath to the crawl space.

I'll have to dig up one half the yard to pile it up on the other half. Just damn.

On the other hand, the rainy weather makes for some fine sleeping during the day.

I had to carry a package over to Fedex this morning and then went by Academy Sports to find some decent shoes to walk in. This foot pain from the plantar facisiatis is a true bitch.

I found some New Balance shoes that fit pretty well, but will have to add an arch support to get some support under the middle of my feet.

At least I don't have flat feet.....although then I could go snow skiing with out having to rent skies.

I spent part of the afternoon posting a few things on eBay to start this weekend. Mostly junk but then there are plenty of people who buy junk. They don't pay much for it.....but then I got nothing in it but some time.

I don't want to get to selling too much.....the gov't might force me to take a bailout and then fire me. Of course if I had a $20 million golden parachute that might not hurt so bad.

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