Thursday, June 04, 2009

Another Month

Just Damn....

June already.

Payday has come and gone and I'm nearly back to square one again.

Ha! It was late last month when last we heard from the intrepid boy skyman.

The muse has certainly been quite of late... but then to those who have read much of this bit of shit and giggles you know that she doesn't speak very often in my presence anyway.

Truth be told.... I've been reading enough good bloggers to feel ashamed that anyone would waste the time to come here more than once.

That's why I have sisters......they come back often enough to prompt me to post something just to let them know that I'm still alive.

Speaking of Sisters...

I am blessed with nearly a half dozen of pretty good ones and I don't tell them often enough. Shush....I don't want them to get wind of it.

My northernmost sister was recently blessed to have her youngest return from Iraq after a year or so serving with the 10th_Mountain_Division.

As you might imagine that has put a pretty big smile on her face.

Now consider that this is her Third son to have returned safely from over there and you will see two things...

1st...She started having children in the first grade...

2nd...She is a Blue Star Mom who rates a Gold Medal IMHO.

Short pause while I blow my nose and wipe my eyes here.

There is hope for our country yet when we consider that we still have young men such as these.

I sometimes grow discouraged when considering the path that the land of liberty seems to be taking, but if you'll read some of the quotes at that last link you might be hopeful for the future at least.

The pendulum swings from extreme to extreme. I just need to remember.....This too shall pass.


Jean said...

Wonderful news that your nephew is home safe!
Much thanks to him for his service.

Anonymous said...

love you too. your the best brother my sisters could have!!!
see you at family reunion on the 14th

3 Blue Stars... and, proud of them all... as their granddads would be too. said...

It was 2nd grade not 1st! (...if that's the story we have to at least get the father into school... him being 6 months younger and a grade behind...)