Monday, June 29, 2009

Knot Knockers

In one of my occasional forays into the jungle of the local flea market a couple of weeks ago I happened upon a table of these useful items.

Bobby Brantly and his wife were trying to sell these beautiful Baton Rouges ... Cajun for Red Sticks. (look it up)

Eighteen inches of attitude adjustment potential made from one of my favorite woods, Eastern Red Cedar.

They were trying to start a new business by showcasing his wood turning skills, since they had both lost their jobs recently. I gave him a little advice about not using his brother-in-law the lawyer to incorporate at the cost of about $2500.00 when he could do the same for about $300.00 at in about 30 minutes.
In appreciation he gave me this little bat which I then proceeded to carry all over the flea market telling everyone who would listen where to get one. I did get a few strange looks from some of the undocumented workers milling around there.

If you would like your own little Knot Knocker (individually numbered and sure to be the fashion accessory of the 2010 election season) you can give him a call at 706 601 8452. In today's economic climate we need to support those who are trying to support themselves.


Paladin said...

Beautiful work! I think about getting a lathe for the workshop, every time I see something cool that I could make.

You might exercise caution in carrying it around in your vehicle, though. In Texas that would most likely be seen as a "club" and would be an illegal weapon. Seems stupid, I know, but an aggressive DA could give you serious grief over it if your state laws are the same.

You could argue that it's a "tire knocker"... but do you really want to be a test case? Even if you can beat the rap, you can't always beat the ride.

kdzu said...

I keep it to hand here in the house.
The vehicle is covered by my concealed weapons permit and consists of sharper and louder implements.

The Hermit said...

I've got one of those in my car.