Friday, June 12, 2009

Winding it down

Almost 10:30 pm.

Just about bed time.

Wow. Two posts in one day. The universe will be sucked into a Black Hole and we'll all live in Washington, D.C.

Up early this morning to make the trek down to Augusta, GA visiting the foot quack about my wheels.

Surprisingly, after a two hour drive down US 78 and I-20, the pause in the waiting room wasn't even long enough for me to turn to the article in the magazine I picked up. I'm many of you ever arrived for a doctors appointment twenty minutes ahead of the scheduled time and then were ushered into the inner sanctum within a minute and a half.

Then the doctor actually comes into the room before I had my shoes and socks off and had time to lean back in the space chair.

Come on...this is the VA.

Even the nurse was bored.

Another two shots into the feet. Apparently if the pain level has receded from +10 to about 7 in a month or get another set of shots. Can't hurt...well I did flinch a little.

I must confess that for about 3 hours I didn't have any pain at all in what my DDM (Dear Departed Mother) used to call my snow skies. Although she would now have to admit that I have more than grown into them.

A quick stop at the paymaster to garner funds for the requisite bag of Crunchy Cheetos's that will fuel the 2 hour trip back home and I'm on my way.

I'd spotted a sign for a rifle range down below Lexington as I went down and I stopped on the way back.

Owned and operated by a former Naval Chief Petty Officer it offers steel targets out to the 750 yard line plus a competition pistol and rifle range including tower. I will definitely be dropping a few dollars here in the near future.

After a stop by the bank and home I had to run out to make a buy of the shiny stuff and stop by the junk store and flea market my buddy runs.

Then home again to change into attire more suitable for a visit to the Funeral Home in Monroe to pay our respect to the Ol' Grumps younger sister recently relieved of the burden of the Big C. A relief I'm sure, both to her and her children. While the sorrow of her passing from their presence will take a while to get over they can feel gladness that her suffering is over and she died peacefully at home not long after awakening and being bathed and made comfortable by one of her daughters just after sunrise of day before last. They'll lay her beside her husband of over 50 years on Sunday. The wife and Ol' Grump will attend.

While I....

Well, I will be celebrating Family in another way. A gathering from far and wide of the Dunagan Clan at the Methodist Campground near Lawrenceville.

I'm really looking forward to seeing people I've not seen in many years as well as some I saw only recently at the service for my Aunt Margret. A joyous celebration of noise and food as we try to catch up on what everyone has been up to.

While everyone will not be able to attend, as we are flung to the winds, those who are absent will be fondly remembered and missed a great deal.

Life.....huh? Ain't it great.


Anonymous said...

a few tears will be shed at both celebrations of life and family. see you Sunday

Jean said...

Family reunions... some of my best childhood memories. I miss them.

Enjoy every second of yours!

The Hermit said...

Sorry about your feet. I've got similar problems with my legs so I can commiserate .