Monday, July 06, 2009

Continuing attacks on the rule of law

Honduras is standing firm in the face of almost universal condemnation for their ouster of a wanna be Hugo Chavez.

They blocked the runways to prevent the ousted Manuel Zelaya from returning.

It still seems to me that their elected leaders in the congress, the Supreme Court and the Military acted properly to prevent an attempt to bypass their countries laws by a power hungry president who wanted to subvert their laws to stay in power longer than legally allowed under their laws.

Of course all the tin-pot dictators around the world...including the would-be tin-pot dictator we elected president of this country... along with the worthless UN are protesting this decision.

It's still early in his reign of terror against the rule of law and capitalism in this country but look for Barry to attempt something along those same lines if he perceives that his presidency is in danger of being limited to one or even two terms.

Think that can't happen here? Would you bet your children's future on it?

It seems to me that we've strayed pretty far afield from the vision of freedom and personal liberty that our founders had for us.

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