Thursday, July 16, 2009

There and Back again..

.. to steal a line from the ol' hairy-footed hill dweller.

Made it back from out little trip on Tuesday afternoon late. Les' see....

Got to the Charleston Marriott on Friday afternoon. High class digs for an ol' red neck from Red Hill. Ate at the infamous Bubba Gumps place down on meeting street. Tourist food. The good sea food would have to wait. Still a small roomful of family and friends made it a night to remember.

The wedding on Saturday in the chapel at the Citadel was beautiful. Photos will follow. Seeing Captain Zack and his brothers in their dress uniforms along with several other heros of the recent unpleasantness in the middle east was a moving sight to these old eyes. Of course the sight of his beautiful bride and her bridesmaids made me wish I was young again.

A short trip on Sunday up to Myrtle Beach, SC (The Redneck Riviera of the East Coast) and we were soon on the beach slathering sunscreen on ourselves and trying to find a little shade. I'd almost forgotten how much fun getting out in the ocean could be.

(a little tip for those of you who like nice fluffy pillows. Don't stay at Lenny's unless you take your own pillow.)

I discovered that you can see more representatives of the more weird side of humanity from a vantage point just above and to one side of the sidewalk there than could have been imagined before this trip.

The good thing about being gone.......for a couple of days I ignored any news broadcast or political pundits what-so-ever.

I've been working on my furnace today and the hour is late. To bed go I. I'll think more on things tomorrow......maybe.

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Jean said...

Sounds like it was very much time well spent. Hope you found plenty of fresh seafood.
Welcome back!