Tuesday, July 07, 2009

I need to cut the grass

...but looking at the Gladiolus and the Hibiscus made me want to share these bit of summertime color with you instead. I can live with the grass being a little high if you can.

Like Eric I am glad I live in the South.


Jean said...

For gracing us with such beauty, you are completely forgiven for not cutting the grass yet. ;-)

Anonymous said...

the green of the grass surely gives a palette for such beautiful colors! thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

... great photos!..... and yeah.... The South is a great place to live..... definitely..


Anonymous said...

Beautiful flowers dude and I'm glad you love living in the south but man, it's just too damn buggy for me. Love visiting, love the food and people but really love coming home to virtually bug free Golden CO

those gladdies are killer