Thursday, July 09, 2009

The Stupidity of Government Officials

The somewhat early demise of the once black singer Michael Jackson is surely a tragedy for his children and family.

The outpouring of grief by fans of the alleged pedophile and certainly one of the weirdest human beings on the planet (although the spoof of him being an alien in Men in Black may have had more than a little basis in fact) and the intense media coverage of the entire event has to make rational thinkers wonder if indeed a very large part of the population doesn't just need to get a life.

But to have a bankrupt city in a bankrupt state spend way too much money that they don't have, and will have very little hope of ever recouping, to provide security, traffic control and other services without getting a commitment from either the family or the funeral home up front just borders on insanity. One more example of officials who just assume as a matter of course that the public coffers will always be replenished by the money that is taken through taxes from a public which is too cowed to object to their stupidity.

The question to be asked is whether they would have done as much for any of the tens of millions of the normal hard-working, tax paying citizens who live a normal life?

One wonders just what part of the word NO they don't understand.

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The Hermit said...

It seemed pretty strange to me that they poor mouth out in L.A. but they could come up with the money to squander on this fruit.