Monday, July 06, 2009

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Look to the left of this post and see a nice little quote. I'm going to leave it top left for a while, which, since I rarely change anything, might be for a long while.

Although the case is over 100 years old the meaning is clear. Would the current Supreme court put out a similar opinion? Good question. I'd like to think so....but then I like to think most people have a modicum of common sense about them. Of course our current overlords in high places aren't most people, are they?

Whether you think it's because of a vast conspiracy (boy do we have plenty of opinions on that) or simply that too many people have discovered that they can obtain their living by having it taken from someone else by force of law (remember the government is the only entity which can use deadly force against you legally) and given to them for only the cost of a vote or promise of same. This is plunder plain and simple, disguised as caring or charity. A noble sounding objective, charity is, but when forcefully taken from even one, to be given to any other, profanes the name.

The pendulum swings to the extremes on either side. Will the extremes this current government is going to in order to share the wealth lead inevitably to a time when everyone will defend by force of arms what is theirs and the devil take the hindmost?

It will unless some common sense is used. seems to be in short supply in some circles.


Paladin said...

I like the quote :)

I would imagine that more than one of the current justices would side with Al Gore, and his belief that the Constitution is a "living breathing document" that evolves and changes based on our experiences as a people... I'm positive that Sotomayor feels that way, since she's said as much.

'cuz that's what we want, isn't it? A system of laws that constantly shifts under our feet based on what the current whim of society is?

kdzu said...

Never underestimate the Stupidity of people in large groups.

For that matter we have to watch out for the individual idiots also and refuse to grant them any credence or influence in our lives.