Friday, February 19, 2010

Old Time Country Wisdom

Guy over at Charming just Charming sorta squirted oil in amongst the two brain cells in my noggin and got 'em rubbing up against one another and I tried to comment on his post.

Unfortunately for reasons unknown to me, as I'm no computer expert, I was unable to, but he always has something that makes me think in his blog.

He's giving thought to quitting this mental masturbatory mastication, and if he does, while not slowing the turning of the earth around the sun one whit, it will seem to dim the blog-o-sphere for a while to me.

So I'll put my comment here and chew over it for a while.

Ol' Hank spoke truly when he sang, "no matter how we struggle and strive, we never get out of this world alive".

But perhaps the struggle and strive is the purpose of it all. We all get our chance to choose, and those chances and choices determine our paths, for we all walk many paths, not all of which lead to our destination, but perhaps.....preparing us for it.. Or not. Therein lies the mystery. Many there are who claim to know where they are going. I'm just trying to figure out where I'm at.

Do those strivings and struggles determine more than where we are as our finale breath is given back to the universe?

Guess we'll see........each in their own time.

Whatta you think?


Paladin said...

I think that its the journey, at least as much as the destination, that's important in life while we're here. I think that we miss what's important a lot of the time.

I don't know what happens to us when our time is up. No one does. They may have faith that "x" will happen, and that's fine, but none of us will know for sure until that point comes.

Jean said...

Our paths are varied, many and sometimes merge with others.
After the end is a guess so, why not do the best we can and enjoy what we know?


Luckygirl said...

Those journeys and troubles make us who we are. And if we take the time to sit in gratitude with those moments we may be able to look at them with different eyes. They are not troubles at all, only growing.