Friday, February 05, 2010

The end of another week

Another week of almost no postings (one on Sunday) and none worthy of comment.

A week of one nice day where the temp was 50's with sunshine and the rest progressively worse until today it's mid-thirties with cold, miserable rain that make the bones ache and runs you back inside pretty quickly.

I've been out twice for a few minutes and Gracie, the dog that loves me, wouldn't even venture out of her pooch mansion on the shop porch, a straw filled barrel with a gunny sack hung over the front for a door except to slip her head out when I stepped up on the porch. I gave her a quick pat and said, "good girl, stay there, you've more sense than I have".

I started the Au precipitating, covered it over and sloshed through the muddy rain soaked yard back to the house. I'd check the news sites on this here interweb but don't want to ruin a perfectly good keyboard by upchucking on another one.

One good bit of international commerce this morning. The Antique Bicycle lamp I had for sale on eBay with 4 people emailing me from Spain, Netherlands, England and Germany was won by a thrifty New Hampshire bidder.


The friend I listed it for will be very happy as am I.

Now I have to decide whether to refine the gold head off the walking stick I bought from him yesterday (made in 1900) or try to sell it on eBay.

Don't you think I'd look like Fred Astaire if I had on my Top Hat and Tails? His hair was a little thin on top also if I remember right.

Maybe I'd better cover my hair also:

Just Damn, the life of an itinerant junk buyer.


Paladin said...

I feel your pain :)

The helmet is pretty dashing... could come in handy in a hailstorm, assuming you can stand the noise.

kdzu said...

Paladin, the damn thing rings like the bells of Notre Dame. No way am I going outside in this thing. That's why I have my baseball cap lined with aluminum foil.