Friday, February 19, 2010

UPDATE on the Pooch

We got word from the Vet today that the pooch's knot on the side is benign (as in not malignant).
This is great news as the wife would never let me put him down the old fashioned way and doggie cancer treatment is as expensive as human treatment.
(And NO I have no intention of preforming any such deed on the pooch, although I would if necessary and feel no guilt, only an immense sadness. I have done the deed many times; all necessary and all distasteful, no matter the necessity. Who decides... I do. Didn't you watch Ol' Yeller?)


LL said...

Good news. *hugs*

Anonymous said...

glad the pooch is ok but the next note about gettin out alive applies to doggies too!
thanks for writing

Jean said...

What a relief, in lots of ways.