Sunday, February 21, 2010

Eighty-eight and six tenths percent pure

That was the result of the assay on the Alaskan Gold.

About what we were hoping for.....maybe a little less. Still not too bad considering I've seen lower results down in the 70% range.

The young man I got it from (well, young to me, anybody aged 69 who will wrestle a 5 inch dredge in the cold waters of an Alaskan river, wearing a heated wet suit and weighted belt to enable him to suck through 12 feet of over burden to get down to the bedrock, gets to be called young. No fat on he, looked friendly enough but from the looks of his hands and arms not someone I'd be arm wrestling anytime soon) drives up every summer in his Ford 4-door flatbed pulling a camping trailer, accompanied by his girlfriend, to live out in the wilderness, far from tv and cellphones. Now that would have to be an adventure. To come back with any gold would be just icing on the cake in my NSHO.

The older I get the more things I add to the nebulous dreamy sort of wishing things I'd like to try.

Civilization and and all the things necessary to put the necessities on the table for a family can put off any dreams of getting into a hot air balloon and dashing around the world in 80 days.

Still I'm not sure when you reach the point where you start saying it's too late for any of those things you want to do. Depends on what you are willing to do to reach those stars, I guess.

Maybe I'll start looking in my scrap metal pile to see what I have that will work on my personal moon rocket.

What's your dream? Hmmmmmmmm?


LL said...

My dream...for my kids to succeed where I have not. To make enough money to make that possible for them. To be able to flit off and visit friends when the urge grabs me.

I think I have simple dreams.

But a real, actual dream I had this afternoon while napping was that the FBI called me to interrogate me for OPSEC violations on the 2/7th Marines. So weird. I guess it's cuz I saw some of the Fox company had recently returned.

Paladin said...

I had lots of dreams. Still do, I guess. I accomplished some of the smaller ones, and left a lot of the biggies at the wishful thinking stage. Like you said, life happens and you do what you have too.

I have to say, though, that if living my "dreams" means that I wouldn't have the love and the family that I have now - I wouldn't trade them for all the adventure in the world.

Sometimes gold isn't just found at the bottom of an ice cold Alaskan sluice. Sometimes its holding hands with your true love after 20 years together - or listening to your grandkids laugh :)

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kdzu said...

Nah, I'm not gonna carry a copy of that last comment down to Chef Ming's and try to get a translation along with the Mushroom Beef.
I figure the SEX translates well enough.
Gist gotten.
I think.

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