Tuesday, February 09, 2010


...bring my self to do it.

It's getting along time of the day to avail myself of various medications supplied by all you wonderful taxpayers out there. As a recipient of assorted and sundry services from the VA in return for my not going postal all over the place I can understand the frustrations sometimes (very occasionally, I'm sure) provoked by having to deal with over-paid, and overly anxious not to have to do any kind of actual work for said over-payment, federal, state or local bureaucratic time waster appointed to deal with all us lower class citizens who come hat-in-hand expecting to receive what some other %#@&*! (sorry words fail me here, apply your favorite word for above said bureaucrats) has informed us we are entitled to.

In light of the current political climate and a natural upwelling of reasonable and rational people against it I can understand somewhat the discomfiture of my friend Fred down in what should by now be our 51st state.

Is it any wonder that ammo of most calibers and guages is disappearing from WalMart shelves nearly as fast as they put it up?

You can only push a person so far before they begin to push back.

Can't what? Can't bring myself to type the word for the embassy employee in Guadalajara that sprang unbidden into my mind. But you could change a couple letters in the title above.


LL said...


You EARNED whatever "entitlements" you receive with your blood, sweat, tears, nightmares, and occasional (service induced) dysfunctional moment.

So you get up in their sorry faces and tell them fuckers that as long as our taxes are paying their salaries, they will slavishly provide the best fucking service to our Vets or bad, bad things will happen to them.

Jean said...

What LL said.

Diana Summerford said...

AMEN LL! I was gonna type something of a similar vein! Your bill has been paid in full by your service to keep us free... When others turned their back, you stood proud and said, "I will take what you have to dish out! I am willing to die for THE LAND OF THE FREE" And you are indeed THE BRAVE!

Its the crack whores have 6 babies by different daddies that don't deserve a dime... I think anyone on welfare becomes property of the US and should serve in the military... Just my 2 cents... I wonder if that string was attached how many would serve...
And Larry, you did it willingly! That sir, makes you a hero...

So take those pills and I will see you in Lala land!

kdzu said...

Ladies, you make me blush, and to tell the truth, puff out my chest a bit.
Today I walk a little taller for knowing you all.