Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I'm prob'ly a little biased......

Well, hell, I know I am, but it is my WCO (well considered opinion) that folks what have been sent to places where they, and their close co-workers, are considered targets of opportunity and shot at with frequency, and real intent to do bodily harm, develop, should they survive, a high degree of logic and rationality. To whit: don't stick your head up, you fool, if you want to keep it attached to your shoulders. .. Don't fly over there by that patch of bamboo 'cause there's people who want to kill us over there.

such as that.

So that when I read carefully thought out reasoning from one of them, I pretty much pay a bit more attention that what I hear come out of politician's mouths or the boob tube or pretty much anything someone who is considered a big shot in holly wood.

Things such as this about fighting the so called WOD (war on drugs).

A couple of things you might do to persuade Mexico that you really want to do your part.

First, why don’t you put a youngish DEA guy, or gal, in each of about ten universities chosen at random: say, Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Harvard Medical, Julliard, Haverford, Berkeley, UCLA, and Dartmouth. (I say they’re random). See, young agents could rig their apartments for sound and video. In six months you could arrest hundreds of children of senators, Fortune Five Hundred CEOs, and people high in the Executive branch. You could give them the same sentences that slum blacks get. Think of the headlines: “Senator’s Kid Gets Five Years in the General Population in Leavenworth.” Is that a concept or what?"


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