Friday, September 16, 2011

Noodling down the highway of life today...

... on the way to Home Depot for a pine board and small box of deck screws, I put the Red Ram on auto pilot and gave a bit of thought to the fact that I'll soon (within a year) be able to apply for my Sociable Security. Doesn't hardly seem possible that I've lived this long. Some times I get to thinking that I should have lived a little more and not worried about the long thing.

I know most people looking into my life would suggest that I should have worked a little harder., I don't know about that. What I should have done is worked a little smarter.

Still......I've done a lot of different things and have discovered lots of ways not to do a thing or two.

Still the idea of getting my Sociable desserts causes me to ponder.

People say Social Security is broke and the younger generation will never be able to draw from it.

They say that the gubbermint has raided the fund and spent it long ago, leaving nothing but I.O.U's behind, locked away in a filing cabinet some where in an office building in Virginia.

They say that for every recipient these days that there are less than two workers contributing, and, with fewer workers feeding money into the trough, we pigs swilling out the other end are gonna get pretty skinny pretty soon.

So........I've come up with a way to save Social Security and put it on a solid foundation now and into the future.

Hold your applause and cheers for after the presentation please, as the sooner I get this plan into print the sooner we can all start living the life we so richly deserve. (besides, once you read the plan your cheers and applause will be so much greater. (notice how I delayed gratification 'til later so as to reap so much more in the future?)

Since we have all those I.O.U. in the Vault, which indicates somebody, supposedly the gubbermint, owes on them, why don't we just have the gubbermint print up enough money to pay them off, adding of course the interest that they supposedly would have earned since the first I.O.U. was written.

This should amount to a goodly sum.

Then we have Warren Buffet invest it for us. This should earn more than enough to allow all us old geezers like me to get a nice monthly check.

Alternatively we could take the supposed amount in the Trust Fund as of 2011, which is 2.600,000,000,000.00 divide it by the approximate total adults in the US which is somewhere around 229,182,000. This would give all adults approximately $11,340.90, which we pay to everyone immediately, end Social Security at once and let us do what we will with the money, whether it be play the Lottery, buy gold and silver, guns and bullets, beer and flat screen TV's, or I suppose you could invest it in some company or other.

Those not adults will be responsible for their own old age with no government intervention and no taxes when they get ready to retire.

The trick is that we would then be responsible for our own future and we'd know for sure what kind of a scam the gubbermint has been running all these years, and only the liberals would ever part with any money to the government to hold and manage for them.

I'll take mine in cash please..........then I'd open a currency trading account and bet against the $ every time. Which I would do from a small estancia in the hills of El Salvadore, just close enough to town to get internet service.

And of course a nubile young Latino Lady to cook my breakfast.


Borepatch said...

My suggestion is that Congress is paid only in the deposits of the "Lockbox".

Brigid said...

I second Borepatch's idea.

Joyce Partridge said...

like the working smarter part! and at least you have a plan!
love you

Yabu (EOTIS) said...

You've got to make it through the dark night to enjoy a good breakfast.

I love a good breakfast.

Just sayin'