Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Like Conspiracy Theories??

Try this one on for size.We have all been fooled into thinking that teh ONe, teh MIGHty, teh Omnipotent ONe, he of the IMMAculate ELEction..........Lord MOst HIgh Barrack Hussein OBama.

Barry O as he's know to Oprah and OTHers, does not, in fact, know what the Hell he's doing.

We point and giggle wildly as effort after effort goes into stimulating and masticating the EcOnomy

.Time after time we watch as he vows to TAx UnTo DeaTH those eVil Millionaires and BILLionAires, what with their private JETS and ILL gotten Lucre they got by oppressing the working Man and Woman, whether they actually have a job and pay taxes or not.

No, No, my friends.

His dastardly plan all along is to do all these stupid things, chant meaningless campaign slogans that somebody wrote and he read off of a teleprompter..........

And then see how many mindless myrmidons would actually cast their ballot for him the second time.

You see he's secretly a closet Randian. A worshiper at the alter of Libertarianism and Objectivism in the Ayn Rand tradition.

After the next election a list of Deamoncratic Voters will be forged from the supposedly SEcRet ballots, enabling a very specialized team of eliminators to quietly, furtively go about the business of wiping from existence those liBeraL voters, root and branch, meaning them and their offspring both, thereby ridding our proud Democracy of the Contagion of Stupid.

Best be careful which button you push in 2012.


Jean said...

There has to be a better choice.

kdzu said...

Better is much desired here at the Kudzu Grotto, but I'm not seeing much to be hopeful for in terms of political intelligence or the economic foibles of Helicopter Ben at the Fed.