Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sunday Morning coming down.

Like hearing that Pres. Kennedy was shot, that man had stepped on the surface of the moon, like remembering when our children were born (though not always the correct dates)......

So too, I shall probably always remember where I was upon first hearing that a plane had crashed into the World Trade Center. (at least until the dementia progresses farther along than has so far been the case)

It's been a long ten years. Lots of changes. They (changes) come more and more quickly. I've long since been left in the dust. But, we endure, because, well, because one must.

The days and nights following 9/11 were tough on me. I say that not to elicit's simply the truth.

The brightest moment came...possible the brightest moment ever.......with the response below from my daughter, to an email I sent out to friends and family, (which is even farther below).

These will always be my memories of September 11, 2001.

Well....I debated on forwarding this because it is a personal message from my dad sent to family and friends. With my emotions on a roller coaster as I'm sure everyone's are - it did me a world of good to hear these words from him. It also touched my heart and I hope it touches yours.
While my dad is not usually a man of many words I've noticed that as I grow older I seem to hear him more clearly :) While sometimes he and I have to agree to disagree, and some may think that he is a bit radical at times - he is a wise man who I love and respect.
I am proud to say that my dad served in Vietnam and is a firm believer in our freedoms. I do not remember Vietnam because I was a baby. But I do know that I am indebted to him for protecting me as a daughter and an American. I do remember the Gulf War but maybe it didn't affect me as much because I was not mature enough - I seemed to think America was "invincible". These are the days that I will remember for a lifetime. These days will change me forever and they are the days that I am striving to be the best person that I can be.
Today....not only am I very proud to be an American, a daughter of God, a mother, a sister and a friend but I am so very proud to be my Daddy's girl. :)
Love you all-
Eldest Daughter

Kdzu wrote:
> I love you all. Some of you have been subject to my diatribes over the years. More than 25 years. I do not apologize for them. I was raised in an era in which the highest accolade that you could pay to a man was to call him a patriot. I have tried to live up to the ideal which that word means to me. The events of the last few days have caused me to evaluate the principals by which I live. I see no need to be ashamed of those principals. Instead I will be more committed to those principals. I will still call for us to return to the principals espoused by the framers of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States and the Bill Of Rights.
> Our 1st President warned us of the dangers of foreign entanglements.
> I warn us of the danger of PRIDE. This Attack is the result of pride. The Pride of thinking that we can impose our will on the rest of the world. They don't want it as we would not want if they tried to impose theirs on us.
> If you wish to impress people you should live in such a manner as to impress them to want to be more like you, not feel as if being like you is forced on them.
> The civilized peoples of the world should shun and isolate those who do not choose to be themselves civilized. We should make it clear that an attack on those of the society of civilized peoples will be the only excuse we need to slap them back into the stone age and that we would then see that they would never have the ability to harm us ever again and they will be shunned until they finally prove their ability and desire to become a useful and productive and willing participant in the society of civilized peoples.
> Like most of you I have felt awe, anger , rage, steely determination, resolve and all of the other emotions of the last few days, even fear, embarrassment for that fear, embarrassment for the desire for revenge on the perpetrators of this atrocity. They finally all came to a head this evening . I'm not ashamed to admit that I weep as I write this. I'm not sure when if ever I will be able to overcome some of the feelings that I have.
> I know this. We were placed here on this earth to obtain bodies and to gain experience. Sometimes experience comes at a high price, high enough sometimes to make people unwilling to pay that price. But, that price must be paid. It always must be paid.
> Some of you do not agree with my choice of a religion in which to believe. I respect your right to disagree. Some of you do not feel strongly enough to try to determine what exactly it is that you do believe in. I encourage you to examine your feelings and to determine exactly what you are, or wish to be. We are all children of a wise and loving Heavenly Father. One which loves us so much that we are allowed to choose our destiny. So too do I love you.
> We all have been lax and caught up in our own lives. There are however those who seek to understand the world around us and try to explain it and the ways in which we can make it a better place in which to live. We must each seek to become better educated and better prepared for the experiences which are to come.
> I've heard that the word for CRISIS in Chinese means both opportunity, and,.......
... its opposite. This crisis will give each of us the chance to choose which it will be for us.
> I begin to ramble, so good night.



Scott McCray said...

Thank you.

For this post, your service and patriotism and for raising a fine daughter.

I hope to meet you someday...

kdzu said...

It would be a pleasure Scott.

Joyce Partridge said...

proud of you dear brother