Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Bowed but unbroken

Who would have imagined that one family (read mostly yours truly) could have accumulated so much junk and useless stuff in only 16 yrs at one place.
Blogging has had to take a back seat to the neccessity of hauling all that junk off. Either to the dump, to the recycling place (9 loads to the metal yard alone, and to our new residence or to the storage building.
Can anyone give me a good reason to have so much that you don't want to get rid of that you will pay $90.00 a month to store it. And I know that most of it will only sit moldering there until the next move (God forbid).
I have however been able to lurk in the evenings. Hopefully things will get to normal (what is that?) soon.

'dja ever notice how fast grass and Kudzu will grow as fall and winter get closer?

1 comment:

Jean said...

I am loving my dumpster!

Glad you are visiting....hope all is well.