Monday, September 11, 2006

God Bless the little children

The joys of moving from a home of 16 yrs to a new place are many and varied.

You find things you had forgotten you had. You find thing you wonder why you kept. You find boxes of things you had not unpacked since the last move.

And sometimes you find a treasure. I found my stainless steel helical screw. I found the fart fan for the bathroom which was never installed. I found the automated dialing machine which was to be used in a junk phone call program to sell insurance or something. I found the supposedly wonderful fire detectors and alarms which were way over priced, and were never used.

Boxes of receipts and checkbooks looong ago closed out. Forms out of date and useless when new.

But the best treasure I found was a kodak instamatic picture of me holding our youngest child when about 1 year old or maybe just a little more. ( She just had her 25th birthday) and her own child is 3 months old.

I had forgotten how curley and blonde her hair was.

One thing I had never forgotten was how wonderful it was to hold her as she slept.

There's just something complete about having your child fall asleep in your arms. Almost as if they trust you for some strange reason. Little do they suspect the demons that lurk within. All of which were well caged and restrained.. Only now does she have any clue, a small one. One which she respects and is proud of.

A tendril around my heart and soul which I have no desire of removing.

I'm thinking of making this my profile picture. What do you think?

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Jean said...

It would be a beautiful choice... along with a new pic.