Thursday, September 07, 2006

He's Back

Oh Man! I have internet service again.
Funny how addictive it gets. I was having serious withdrawal pains from not being able to read my favs.

Moved into the new house in Athens Ga. Smaller which means I don't have room for all my very important and necessary stuff . So I sit here surrounded by boxes and piles of papers and other oddities, everything but money. Funny How much it costs move 50 miles.

But, the wife is happy with the 'real floors'. That counts for a lot.

Toby the yorkie doesn't like it so much since he has to be on a leash outside. He's an inside dog, and shy, so it embarasses him to have to "Go" with someone beside him. Well, it would make me a little hesitant too I guess.

Fighting with the kudzu of too much to do and too little time.


Jean said...

woo hoo!!......was having my own withdrawals not seeing you, as you can see on my response to your comment on my blog. Glad things are going well....welcome back!

LL said...

I'm glad you are settled into your new home.

Welcome back, sugar.