Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Prayers needed

My sister in Maine just sent her second son to Iraq this week.

His older brother has been there for a little while now.

Zack (the older) is a 1st lt. The picture is of him (on the right), his CO and his sargent.

So far no pictures of the 2nd son, a medic.

Please keep These young men in your prayers as well as their parents and youngest brother.

This is a little too much like the kudzu I'm trying to get out of.

I'm very proud of my nephews, although thankfully they are nothing like me.


Jean said...

wishing safe journeys for those young men, and strength and peace to their family and friends.
Betting those nephews would be proud to be like you!

LL said...

Them babies are in my thoughts.

btw, he's a BIG boy, huh? *grin*

K. D. Zu said...

I don't know how tall he is, but his dad is 6'7", and he's probably got just a little on Zack. But then, his dad probably tips the scales at around 300- 350#.