Monday, November 27, 2006

It came.......... my mind today, that I have a vicious burning hatred for left-wing, liberal moonbats.

Those who spout the retoric of anti-americanism, anti-war even if you were attacked first, because of course we have treated the rest of the world like our playground and never done any good for anyone we've come in contact with, anti good old captalist free enterprise, all men are created equal but after that it's up to you to pull your own weight and hate like hell anyone wanting to take what you've created, built up, earned on your own, and give it to those less foortuunut, just because they don't want to give out of their own pocket, if they can get the government to take it from some one else just to make them feel good.........Them, Those, those f**kers.

It's a damn good (for them) thing that I choose to restrain myself from unleashing unholy hell on them. I'm sure my lust for destruction would overwhelm me, and I would only stop when stopped by even more overwhelming violence (from my prospective).

I just need to get that out in the open, so as to see what it looks like in the light of day, to see if examination would change my opinion.


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