Friday, November 24, 2006

Thanksgiving having officially come..........

.........and gone, we can all have a day off. A day to eat leftovers, get rid of all the excess, let our bodies have a rest from the frenzy of cleaning up for the guests, planning the meneu, preparing the food, and eating ourselves into a stupour.

Unless you live here, where we'll be thankful on Saturday.

Thankful that all the children and grandchildren, even Joy and her family from Charolotte, NC, will be here, which will be the first Thanksgiving dinner we've ever shared with them, which makes me really thankful.

Yesterday for dinner I had 2 pineapple and cheese sandwichs on whole wheat bread with a surfit of mayonaise spread upon them and then I licked the knife clean.
A sure artery clogger.

Our neighbor had a lot of her children, sons and daughters-in-law home for a big meal.
This morning I hear crying and wailing, as the children frantically bundled her into a car. She fell to her knees sobbing and crying no, no, no as they did so.

Makes you think that someone passed before their time.

If you would say a little prayer for Miss Ava. That everything will turn out alright, or at least that she may be able to bear up under whatever burden is placed upon her shoulders.

I have much to be thankful for. Much of which I have voiced in prayer. Every day in which we can open our eyes and be glad to see that day, is something to be grateful. And I hope that if my eyes do not open someday, that I'll be just as glad.

I'm really grateful for the few who comment on this blog. You bouy me up with your comments and your own blogs. Keep on blogging.

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Jean said...

A prayer is offered for Miss Ava.

My thanks include finding you and your blog... being able to share thoughts from the heart, comfort, tears and smiles.

Hoping your Saturday day of thanks is most joyous!