Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Oh how I hate........

..............having to enter data into quick books.

It's especially hard when you are new to quick books and have slightly less than optimal use of the left hand.

Slower than the proverable molasses I am

On a bright note the Grandchild #6 came to visit last night. We'll be watching her till saturday. On a brighter note, at least her mother will be staying here for 3 0f those nites after she gets off work.

Now 5 months old, Callie knows how to push away with her arms and legs and how to grab eyeglasses and hair. Thankfully nanny can take care of most of the work with occasional help from me to put her to sleep.

A beautiful fall day outside. The leaves are just past their prime and falling like dominos at a japanese basketball court. And I'm stuck inside. Maybe I'll take a picture to remind me of what I'm missing.

Oh poor baby. Feel sorry for me.


Jean said...

What?... you can't sit or walk outside?...or, is it too tempting to actually do something if you're out there?.....patience, dear man.

Oh...what in the world is a Quick Book?

kdzu said...

Quick Books is a program to keep your books...business or personal on. The Business version is slightly more complicated than a rubics cube.

k said...

Yeah. It's a pain in the ass at first. But if you can get through that and get it set up, then it's suprisingly easy and fast. Good to use.

Of course, an accounting degree would help.

I can't use it for anything any more. Got so traumatized from getting *drafted* to work on my husband's business, then by losing that business to effects of the Iraq war, that I can't even look at Quickbooks any more.

kdzu said...

Sorry K. I do know about business' going down the toilet.
More that one or two times, I might add. Just keep on keeping on.

MamaSMorgan said...

OH, my crazy uncle KDZU! I had no idea that you had a blog! Looks like you've been at it longer than me. Your neice in TX

kdzu said...

Well, hello niece in TX. Glad to read you here.
Everyone meet my niece Kathy.

k said...

Hi Kathy! Your uncle is one fine blogger. And commenter. You got lucky, girl.

Jean said...

Hi Kathy... we love your uncle!