Wednesday, November 08, 2006

You get exactly what you deserve

..........every time. Where you are in the universe and especially on this pitiable ball of mud is justly the result of all the decisions, good and bad, that you make over a lifetime.

And when a group of people get together as a large group you may be sure that the result of their group dynamic will produce something exceedingly stupid.

I didn't vote yesterday. I'll use the excuse that for most of the day I was too doped up to be allowed to go near a voting place because nothin in this world could have stopped me from pontificating on the stupidity of all those there, whether they intended to vote for the donkeys or the elephants.

We always get exactly the government we deserve as long as people believe we are a democracy.

Where are our statesmen. Where are those who really want to have and help make this a better country and hopefully a better world.

Harrison Ford was once asked if he believed in "The Force" ...
...his answer "the force is within you, Force Yourself.

When we as a people realize that we as individuals have charge of ourselves and don't want the government to lump everyone in to a Group.
, which has to have a leader because as a group individuals are the same as anyone else, they want someone to lead, be incharge and take the heat for all the dumb things the group does, then we might start using our heads to create more liberty, and freedom and not less.

Welcome to the New Reality.

Find some Kudzu to hide in.

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k said...

Hear, hear.

It's not the party, or even the platform, that's the problem.

It's this Group thing. It's believing that people who lust after power so badly that they run for office as a life long profession, are somehow going to do the Right Thing - as opposed to the Getting More Power Thing - once they're elected.

It's so patently obvious that it doesn't work that way, and never did. Yet the extreme majority of people buy into that falsehood over and over again. They clearly prefer bullshit over the truth.

And yes, they get what they deserve.

Then they act all shocked and betrayed when politicians behave exactly in character. When politicians do precisely as anyone with open eyes can predict - in fact, usually do predict.

There's a reason I adamantly refuse to join or align myself with any group of any kind, and always have.