Monday, April 09, 2007

Okay ! Now all together.......

.....breath a small sigh of relief.

I'm back from the VA and a visit to she who prescribes my drugs, in all their variety, except for the BP and keep me from bloating pills.
Good to go for another 3 months or so. There'll be no ranting, raving, and foaming at the mouth on her watch......she hopes.

Was bemoaning the state of the world with a group of like aged and experienced guys today. Such an easy target (kinda like the 100 meter target that kept popping up on the m-16 qualification course). I won't say it's like shooting fish in a barrel but, If you can't find something to moan about these days, you are likely under the age of 20 or living in your own little bubble.. Just be careful to not moan too much or it'll become a habit (kinda like a nun's where her head is too small and it keeps slipping over her eyes) blocking you from enjoying life at all.

Specifically we were talking about the state of education coming out of our public schools today. Public meaning of course government controlled schools.

I remember when Mrs. Venable, Miss Fisher, and Mrs. Hall were trying to impart the mysteries of Reading, 'Riting, and 'Rithmatic to our group of snot-nosed half tamed yard apes at good ol' Dacula elementary and high school. All one building. Too hot in winter because of the boiler fired steam heat. Too hot in spring and fall because air conditioning was something rich folks had and we'd never heard of. That was taken care of by opening the many windows. Windows under which, outside at recess we boys and some girls played mumble-d-peg with a variety of knives from Case, Old Timer and sometimes an Eyetalian switchblade someone's dad or older brother had brought back from a hitch in the Army overseas.

To my knowledge, no one was ever cut by someone else at school, to include Kenneth Lance who about cut his thumb off trying to impress people with how he could cut a cigarette dropped from his lips, then whipping out his hawkbill to slice it in half before it reached the ground out by the Vo-ag building.

It seemed to come down to a reduced individualism and acceptance of personal responsibility and an increased desire to let someone else take care of it.

When that desire is expressed, there will most always be someone who will out of the goodness of their heart or desire for authority over others, step forward touting the latest flavor of the month in 'don't worry about that, we'll take care of you here in the halls of government'. After all, isn't that what we send them to office to do.

I wonder what would happen today, if a President would have the courage and intelligence to proclaim "Ya'll work it out for your selves. We have a system of courts to dispute differences in, laws to prevent anyone taking anything from you by fraud or force, and a national government to prevent other nations from interfering in your peaceful enjoyment of your homes, your lives, your property. There isn't anyone above or below the other because of color, ethnicity, or gender. We all start out with the same rights, freedoms and every opportunity accorded anyone else, and you have the responsibility to make of it all you can or will."

How long would it be before some crazed, lone, looney tune put 4 bullets in that president's head in less than 6 seconds?

Just my wondering s from inside the kudzu grotto.

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