Tuesday, April 03, 2007

There is a reason.........

........for my only occasionally ranting about politics.

I believe that the group of politicians on both the right and left side of the congressional isle have, since Regan, and many before him, consciously and deliberately sold this country down the river to the highest bidder.

If you can give me good reasoned argument against that position, I'd be glad to hear it and consider your argument. In civil discourse, as that is the only way worthy of civilized beings. Of course you'd have to remember that I'm only half civilized and only marginally sane.

I read an article about one of my Heroes this afternoon. I'd be gratified if you would go Here and read it also. It's not that long.

Comments welcome. You don't have to of course, but an idea of how many actually go and read it would be nice.


Jean said...

a very, very good read. Thanks, Larry.

Carolyn said...

I agree with Jean, Just wish some people in this country would understand these truths today.