Monday, January 12, 2009

Ask me if I care....

......Not much.

I guess that PEBO made a rousing speech over the weekend talking about all the great things he'll be doing in just over a week to get us out of the current economic mess.

I didn't listen....

And Lame Duck George Bush made a speech today, talking about his accomplishments and failures.

I didn't listen again........

Not because I'm not interested.......I am......passionately. Rather it's because I've determined to live my life as disconnectedly as possible from the edicts and pronouncements to emanate from AOP (The Asylum on the Potomac). I've learned from much past experience that they are guaran-damn-teed to do just the opposite from what good ol' common sense would show as the correct course. For instance....

75 years of history proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that socialism will cause even a huge country with natural resources coming out of their ears (see former USSR) to fail.

70 years ago a government tried Fascism (see Hitler's Germany and Mussolini's Italy) and followed a madman into the bowels of hell on earth.

Since the 60's the government has paid unwed mothers to birth bastards or to murder them before birth at government expense, and we have both more bastards and murderers.

Since the 70's our schools have tried to pull up the incompetent or unwilling at the expense of the competent and willing, and we have more unwilling incompetents, and higher paid teachers and exponentially more supervisors.

We got all these things by listening to those who told us they knew what to do for us, so we abandoned Common Sense in favor of believing The Leaders of the Cult of No Personal Responsibility.

My Question is.......are we willing to once again take up the mantle of personal Resonsibility?

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