Monday, January 19, 2009

Old times

As I stopped in the living room to cadge a handful of popcorn (not enough salt to my taste) from the wife, I saw that she was watching the PBS show 'Vietnam'. As chance would have it they were showing the part about the battle for Khe Sanh in '68.

It was interesting for a couple of minutes to point out various locales that I'd visited (albeit a couple years later, when we went back and rebuilt it......then I remembered a few other things and decided to bug out.

Supposedly those who forget history are doomed to repeat it. I'm too old to repeat it, and don't particularly like thinking in depth about it.

I've never found an audience who appreciate the humor in the story of the wheel coming off a landing HC 130 Hercules.....bouncing through the refueling area where we were taking on JP-4 and landing in the swimming hole below the waterfall just to the south.

Maybe I don't tell it right.

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GUYK said...

yeah...or landing in a C-130 with two engines feathered and then watching the Kentucky National guard skipper take off with the two good ones and head for Greece where the per dium was higher than Incirlik Turkey. I reckon he made it...