Sunday, January 18, 2009

Just a little bit more

......if this lemon pie and I'll probably have to go put the PJ's on since they have a stretchy waist band.

I readily admit that I didn't cook it myself. WTH I'm at the top of the freaking food chain.....there is someone on the next rung down to do the cooking....

Actually....that's not exactly true. I can cook..and frequently do....just not very well. I'm much better at just eating whatever hasn't turned green in the refrigerator.

We were looking tonight..the wife and I...she settled on something and I got the two boiled eggs sitting there in a little sandwich bag. "Oh goody", I gushed, "I can have egg salad without those damned relish pickles being in it, or celery". there anything more satisfying that being to go to the pantry or Refrigerator and being able to pick from among a variety of items something that strikes your fancy as being edible without too much preparation. Starving waifs in UN protected countries in Africa can't do that. No.....they have to have sex with the piece keepers before that happens. Just goes to show you that there is no free lunch anymore. Well, for another day and a half or so, according to some bitch lawmaker from Maryland I saw on TV news this evening. They're looking for a Federal Government stimulus package to help them out.
Good luck with that.

Well, I better wash that last bite down with a gulp or two of cows milk.

Ya'll have a good night.

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