Thursday, April 23, 2009

An almost Rainy night

9:10 pm

All the old folks have been in the bed for 45 minutes and I sitting here wondering if it's too early in the year to turn the air conditioner on.

The windows are open and the ceiling fans are whirring around and around but it's stuffy and warm her at the kudzu grotto.

I just walked out on the back deck. Lightning is playing silently around in the clouds to the northeast. They had a bit of bad weather up around the V-man homestead a bit ago. All north of us except for an occasional sprinkle that patters on the deck boards like the slow drip of a leaky shower head. Not nearly enough to rush out in with a bar of soap and startle the neighbors. Although the sight of my lily white arse dancing around in the back yard would be a serious incongruity in this neighborhood, let me tell you.

Nothing much going on.....The Taliban is going to overthrow Pakistan. (You knew this was coming when the US basically pulled the rug out from under our old ally Mousharaf. Sorta reminds one of the brilliant decision to abandon the Shah of Iran in the late 70's. Hey, he might have been an asshole...but at least he was our asshole, and the Iranians were living in at least a semblance of civilization. (when they say you can't go back again....look at Iran to see a rush backwards to the 12th century)

Sometimes I have to wonder if any of the bureaucrats in the State department have any loyalty to "Truth, Justice, and the American Way".

While searching for anything interesting to read on the blogs tonight I found this that made me laugh. First time I'd read Goldbloom’s Padded Cell. I'll be sure to return from time to time. I sure hope those tales are not true.....but, I suspect they are. Just damn.

Well the silent lightning has moved closer and there may actually be a little air stirring outside.

I think I'll go out and listen to the tree frogs sing love songs to one another.

May sing a few myself.

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Jean said...

I forgot she is posting again.
thanks for the reminder!