Saturday, April 11, 2009


Just double damn.

It seems lately that all I do is complain about my feet or strange dreams.

Last night was even worse. I developed a case of the hick-ups about the time I got home from a hard day of treasure hunting, and they lasted 'til this morning.

With the exception of a couple of hours sleep during times when they abated a bit, it was an up and down night. My diaphragm would jerk up and down on the order of once every 15 seconds. I thought when I got up for good about 7am this morning that maybe they were over, but that notion was quickly dispelled by a new fit.

Right now they've calmed. I came and drank a glass of ice water in small sips while holding my breath and they seem to be gone. I'll sneak down a few bites of scrambled eggs and a bit of buttered toast and hope for the best.

The good news is that the worst of the thunderstorms missed us to the north last night. We did have some good hard rain and a bit of thunder and lightning, but nothing like our neighbors to the west and north got.

Springtime in the South......don't you just love it.


Kat said...

never a dull moment this time of year, huh? :) At least, my car isn't yellow this morning...whatever possessed me to buy a RED car last year? I shoulda just went ahead and bought a yellow one.... LOL

kdzu said...

I know, I washed the red Dodge Ram just the other day and now it's yellow again.

Jean said...

Good grief, my friend! Are you going for a world's record in hiccups?
I am glad, though, the terrible storms missed you.

kdzu said...

No Jean, I think the world records is something on the order of 20 years or so.
Before bedtime last night I took a couple of Tylenol PM to insure that the sleep was undisturbed by the multi-person birthday party-barbeque-church singing next door and then, to kill the hiccups, I drank down a couple ounces of apple cider vinegar, chased by some cool water.
Let me tell you...... Apple cider vinegar will shock and awe hiccups. Of course it struck my guzzle tube at about the level of my diaphragm with the fires of hell and I couldn't catch my breath for a good 45 seconds....but the hiccups retreated to the rear in quickstep order.
Talk about your cure being almost as bad as the problem.
But then an undisturbed night of sleep ensued....well if you don't count the dream where all my high school class had a reunion in Vietnam and Joe Ford was taking me around to all the most popular eating spots, where we dined on noodles and mystery meat 'til time to go, when I drove my old 2 ton dump truck around the mountainous jungle roads at excessive rates of speed.
No wonder the gov't keeps me sedated.

Jean said...

20 years...crikey!

vinegar...I used to take it to lower cholesterol. I should do it again but, wow, it is some rough stuff!
Glad it worked for the hiccups.

Dream... wow.