Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Ya'll pray

I came in a little after lunch today to find the wife in the car about to take off to the Vet's. It seems that our little pooch was feeling a bit under the weather and, being the talented dog whisperer she is and noting that he wouldn't eat a piece of ham lovingly cut into bite sized pieces and given piece by piece from her hand, knew immediately that something was wrong.

Hence the trip to the Vet.

It seems that poochy has eaten something that caused blisters within his little esophagus causing much distress. What it might have been is a mystery to us, but the Vet said that certain grasses or weeds might have been the culprit.

Of course the first thing we thought of was that he might have taste tested some of my refining supplies. But, no, when checked they were found to be stored properly and out of his reach. Soooo.... at this point we have no smoking gun.....only a poor little distressed pooch who doesn't even fight when we squirt the medication down his little goozle.

So you all keep Toby Boy in your thoughts and send up good intentions to the universe, that he might have a quick recovery and get back to eating much more than is good for him.......sorta like I am want to do if given half a chance


Jean said...

aw...poor little guy.
Prayers going up for him.

Joan of Argghh! said...

Just. . . waahh! Nothing worse than a helpless pet in pain.

Any updates?