Wednesday, April 15, 2009

It's time

My friends,

I awoke at 4:36 am this morning convinced in my very soul that we have to do something now...each of us...individually and together to reach out to like minded individuals and groups (even if only a group of 2) to change the direction that our society and especially our beloved country of The United States of America is heading.

For too long We the PEOPLE have been dumbed down by those who would attempt to wield power and authority against us.

The latest outrage of our own Dept. of Homeland Security warning local LEO's against God Fearing, Constitution believing, Patriotic, law abiding Americans...even Veterens....has me to the point that I must act.

No longer will I remain on the sidelines....hoping against hope that the majority of Americans will wake up.

I intend to use what little resources and time I have available, to speak out...hopefully with a clear voice (and I know you have all heard and read me rant, at times incoherently) against injustice, oppression, criminality by any who would deny to anyone the rights and protections given to us as individuals by a benevolent Creater (whoever and whatever you chose to think that means) and guaranteed to us under The United States Constitution and Bill of Rights.

I suggest and urge that you get involved. Do SOMETHING to bequeath to our children...and generations to follow...the rights and freedoms that our forebears and ourselves served, fought and, yes, sometimes even died to protect.

I may not have the answers (if you know me at all you know that even though I might bluster and pontificate for all I'm worth sometimes) but I know that together we can make a difference.

You don't have to individually make much of a difference...just do something.... but together we can change the world.

For the better is my prayer.

Get involved...don't wait... we live in a time now where we can no longer wait, hoping that a divine providence will miraculously take care of things. It's truly said that GOD helps those who help themselves.

May we be Divinely Blessed in our efforts.

Consider the following actions.

1. Join NOW American Solutions
2. Add your voice to the movement to pass the Fair Fair Tax as a replacement to an unfair present tax code and the IRS.
3. Don't be afraid to make suggestion about how things can be made better.

Let's do something.

To you and this Great Country I pledge my Life, my Fortune, my Sacred Honor.

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